Jets won’t say no to Mo

Today, more news broke about Jets’ star Defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson. The tale of Mo’s contract hold out has been on a light simmer since the start of this offseason. However, today Jason LaConfora reported that Wilkerson will not attend the ‘voluntary’ training sessions.


Mo’s in the final year of his rookie contract, one that will see him be paid just under $7 Million, as for now, Wilkerson looks to be holding out for the right contract that will state his place as a known leader of the green and white. Players such as Mangold and Ferguson are among those the Jets have turned to in the past and I imagine Wilkerson is waiting for a similar jumbo contract, to reflect that responsibility.

Wilkerson 3 leader

The biggest question is, why hasn’t this been done yet?

The Jets have attempted to re-sign Wilkerson before. Last year, it was reported that Idzik and Wilkerson representatives had a deal under discussion and they got most of the parameters worked out. Subsequently to that, it never went ahead and once Idzik was fired and the margins have drifted in a similar direction.
On Maccagnan’s arrival, he promptly stated the Wilkerson’s contract was on his to do list. He later outlined the huge importance Mo had to the franchise by arranging negotiations with Wilkerson’s agent at the 2015 Combine in Indianapolis.
Sadly, what today’s events have shown is the clear inefficiency of that meeting held in Indi. Maccagnan has since made multiple moves in free agency, with most going down swimmingly with the Jets Nation, however still seeing it fit to sideline Mo’s deal further.

I feel today’s news is only a sequel to the Jets’ preceding actions. Stressing, there is no need to fear Wilkerson’s future at East Rutherford just yet, this is simply a countermove to the Gm’s silence.
As Maccagnan has made no clear moves to tie Wilkerson down, Wilkerson will hope the Jets see his absence as a way of him sending a message. After all, as per Jason OTC, Wilkerson has no clauses in his current contract granting him addition salary if he attends additional training. As today is only the beginning of ‘voluntary’ training, it’s not yet mandatory for Wilkerson to attend, so this was the efficient and respectful method for Wilkerson to stand his ground.

wilkerson 2

Not attending voluntary training is usually a way of players showing they aren’t happy and due to the amount of money spent by Maccagnan, Wilkerson has every right to be concerned about his future at the Jets.
Nevertheless, we must presume Maccagnan’s skills to see a good player still remain and that this battle is not over. Since arriving in 2011, Wilkerson has grounded himself as one of the top defensive ends in the NFL. Arguably following behind the likes of JJ Watt and Ndamukong Suh, who have ironically both signed huge contracts recently. So even though Maccagnan will noticeably see that advantages of re-signing Wilkerson, its his lack of productivity in getting the job done early that will prove costly.

Wilkerson 4


Thanks Idzik


As we know, this year our Ex GM and cap pinching extraordinaire John Idzik, handed over the Jets to new GM Mike Maccagnan from Houston. Idzik left the team’s roster looking rather uninspiring and it was to be Mike’s job to reignite this franchise and rebuild a winning team.

To have a winning team you need great players and to have great players you need money. To our fortunes, the one thing Idzik was good at was saving money. Idzik actually left the Jets in one of the strongest financial positions in the league, practically perfect for a team looking to go full circle and rebuild. Mike was quoted at the combine saying, “we will be very active in free agency”, and now currently 1 week in, we are left positively astounded.

The first area that was addressed involved an unexpected trade with the Chicago Bears. The Jets traded a late draft round pick for WR Brandon Marshall. It was later confirmed the Jets gave Chicago their 5th round pick of the 2015 draft, for Marshall’s services. A trade subsequently seeming a steal for the Jets who were busy debating Percy Harvin’s future and would otherwise be our seeking a ‘true no1 receiver’. The deal was sweetened further when it was reported the Jets actually gained another 7th rounder in the process. Certainly a deal thought impossible under Idzik’s control and a great start for Maccagnan.


With a team that had no 1000 yard receivers in 2014, Brandon Marshall is a strong addition. A total that only Eric Decker, who’s seen as a no2 got close to. Marshall has had multiple 1000 yard years, seven on the bounce to be exact and with his inclusion, the Jets can hopefully have a true 1-2 receiving core, unmatched since Chrebet and Keyshawn.

I understand that a wide receiver will never reach such heights unless the guy throwing the ball has something about him too. The QB position was left as an interesting project with Geno now not invested to Maccagnan and Bowles, but also in his final year of contract. Basically meaning if he doesn’t perform this year his time could well be up.
Debates developed early between whether the Jets would acquire a veteran or draft a QB. What was obvious however was that Geno wouldn’t be looked so kindly on and no starter job would be gifted to him like last year. Geno has never truly experienced a real competition for first choice, Rex always handed the role to him lightly, but the move the Jets made this free agency should change that.
The QBs dubbed to the hit free agency market were nothing to rave about, nevertheless following the Texans resigning Ryan Mallet and later acquiring Brain Hoyer, the Jets would make the smart trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick. A QB that both Maccagnan and Bowles had both shared experiences with. This leaves Geno Smith in an opposite position he was in last year. The new office does know what Ryan can bring to the table and if Geno doesn’t match the standard he had shown in Miami, it’s likely the more experienced Fitzpatrick will get the nod. Fitzpatrick was a smart move because he only cost the Jets the pick they acquired from the Chicago trade and Ryan’s salary was more than affordable. (Plus his beard is awesome – THE BEARD)
Granted, Fitzpatrick is nowhere near amazing and won’t necessarily deliver a Superbowl, but he’s another smart move by Maccagnan who does also still have the option to draft another QB at six overall.


The Jets and Maccagnan also saw to another area of much needed address, the offensive line. A top of most people’s wishes list was Mike Iupati and Orlando Frankin. Although this wasn’t to be for the Jets as those two were taken early. Maccagnan turned to the services of James Carpenter OG out of Seattle. While Carpenter may not have been the most sought after player, James had been to the last two Superbowls, winning one himself. His experience and skills could prove vital, as it does appear we may have a QB in the pocket that will need as much time as possible to make their play. Lets hope Carpenter can help.


Lastly and possibly the area the Jets needed to fix the most was the secondary. In the 2014 season, the Jets secondary only caught six interceptions. A turnover ratio of -18. Questionably, a vast majority of blame went to the offence and Geno Smith for turning over the ball so many times, however, it was our weak secondary that also lacked in making plays and helping turn the games back around. Again, at the Combine presser, Bowles stated that the secondary needs addressing and the Jets need to work on turning the ball over more than gifting turnovers.
The cornerback market in this year free agency was one of the strongest its ever been. This was music to the ears of Jets fan, as we knew we needed plenty of them and knew the franchise had the money to pay for them. Names such as Kareem Jackson, Byron Maxwell, Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and many others, all likely to be up for grabs. As the Jets needed to improve in many areas, I hoped Jackson and Maxwell would be Maccagnan’s first targets. However, Jackson resigned to the Texans on 4 year deal for $34 million and Maxwell went to Philly for 6 years, $63 Million.
Not only was I annoyed the Jets didn’t grab one of them; I was worried about the amount they were going for. The bar was set at the cornerback position, meaning only likely to rise the ‘Best cornerback in the game” Darrelle Revis’ salary even further. As Revis’ future was still undecided, the Jets turned to pick up Buster Skrine, a likely slot replacement for Kyle Wilson, the 1st round pick that far from worked out.
Then suddenly, nine or so hours into free agency, social media lit up with news that shocked and delighted Jets fans. Darrelle Revis had agreed a contract with New York and it was a whopper, 5 years $70 Million. Revis was coming home. I will totally stand by my objections against signing Revis and handing over that kind of money, but by this point most of the hot properties were signing for other teams and it was time the Jets made a splash.

Darrelle Revis Buffalo Bills New York Jets

To mention the need to sign cornerbacks and making Revis one of them, that’s a huge statement to make. It instantly put Mike Maccagnan in ‘legend’ territory. Except what was to follow was to put this ecstatic moment into overdrive. With Antonio Cromartie stating he missed New York and would gladly reunite with old HC Todd Bowles, it was inevitable the Jets would aggressive chase him down too. Shortly after, the Batman and Robin partnership was complete. Cro signed a 4 year deal for $32 Million and the Jets went from having one of the worst cornerback troops in the NFL to one that looks like it means business.


Not long after Cro, Mike added a forth player to the Jets secondary. He signed Marcus Gilchrist S from San Diego. Gilchrist was a good signing as last years 1st round pick Calvin Pryor had a mixed bag of performances and it is likely Marcus can take the pressure off him and give him some space to grow, whilst also being a solid SS/FS himself.


A huge amount of money was invested this week, but it was invested in areas that will only benefit the team. Maccagnan may have been gifted the opportunity to sign all of these players due to Idzik’s lack or unwillingness to do so, however it would still take a GM with motivation and a vision to pull it of. Big Macc was born this week and we are all excited for the year ahead. Well done Mike Maccagnan and finally thanks, John Idzik.

“And the home of the Jets”


Jets arrive in Indy

Last night Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles addressed the media on the eve of the 2015 NFL Combine. Previously, Jets Fans would always be nervous when Rex and John would take the podium. Quite frankly, it was impossible to predict what would come out of their mouths. Whether it was promising the Superbowl or quick one-liners that would amuse the reporters, then soon after leave them with doubts about our coaches abilities. However, last night’s presser captivated us yet again. Just like in Mike and Todd’s opening presser, they left us the fans feeling very comfortable within their capabilities and professionalism. It was refreshing to say the least.

I would like to pick out a few things from the presser that I enjoyed most. Besides, there were more positives to pick from last night than our whole secondary picked off last season. I feel that says all we need to know.

bowles combine

I will start with our new head coach Todd Bowles. He undoubtedly had the most enlightening presser of the two. My twitter was going insane with all the positive things he was saying.

Addressing immediate turnover issue:

“We want to get better at the corner issues. We want to solidify and have less turnovers at the quarterback position.”

It only took Bowles 01:01 Mins with the cameras rolling to address that the Jets need to get the ball over more and gift less turnovers to the opposing team. The Jets finished last season with a turnover ratio of -11. What team do you know that wins games when they turn the ball over that often? It just doesn’t happen and Todd obviously addressed that first. He wants to win.

Geno Smith:

“Geno has a good arm, he’s a good athlete and he can throw the ball and make all the throws. Without seeing the intangibles and not being able to talk to him personally”

We all know the media and even myself have talked a lot about Geno Smith. Him coming into his 3rd season and what he might bring to the Jets this time. Todd was very quiet on Geno at the opening presser and continued to be. He knows the guy has some strengths but I feel he was very vague in his response, as he knows the position is uncertain. Smart guy.
Todd is not invested with Geno and he’ll see what the guy’s got and decide whether it is best for his team going forward.

Balanced Offence:

“We’re gunna run it and throw it. We’re gunna be very balanced”

I was pleased to hear that Bowles wanted a more balanced offence. Last year, we can safely say we had more of a running game than anything else. This can vastly be due to fact that our passing game wasn’t working. Whether it was to do with Geno being a bad QB or bad calls from the then OC Marty Mornhinweg, we simply couldn’t hold on to the ball.
When questioned again about turnovers Bowles said:
“You can’t win games turning the ball over, every QB in the league going forward has got to be able to protect the football. Geno included”
Todd is confident he can establish a passing game with the Jets, and will do whatever it takes to make sure it does. Beware Geno, Todd’s on the warpath. Time to pull your finger out!

Why he like Kacy Rodges & Chan Gailey:

“I’ve been with Kacy for seven years in Dallas and Miami. I’ve watched him grow. We kind of saw things the same way defensively, schematically we see things eye to eye.”

“He can get the most out of his players. Everybody respects him. He can get it yelling, he can get it talking to a person, he’s very sharp in understanding what he has. He’s well-balanced offensively running the ball and passing the ball.”

As we all know Bowles was another defensively minded HC. My main worry was the two clashing and Bowles taking his eye off the full picture. So I was happy when I heard him outlining that Rodgers and him think alike. My worry was then at ease.
It was recognized why Chan Gailey was brought in and the immediate strengths he could bring to East Rutherford. We needed a coach that the players will respect and one experienced in progressing ‘underachieving’ players. Chan is a good fit and Todd clearly respects him and knows he’s an asset.

Superbowl champions Patriots rivalry:

“I don’t think it means anything to us right now. Right now we’re trying to become the New York Jets, and we’re trying to become a winning ballclub, so we’re going to concentrate on us.”

“Beating the Patriots is not going to cut it if you lose to everybody else”

We all know the NFC East has been dominated by New England. We battle it out and then with rest of the league, whilst simultaneously, twice a year, acting as Bill Belichick’s personal punch bag.
I liked that fact that Bowles outlines that there is plenty more games to win in a season and although wining group games is important, simply winning as many as you can is also.

Mike Maccagnan

Mike Maccagnan opened up his presser answering immediate questions on the future of our guys nearly FA.

Wilkerson, Harris, Harvin:

“We think David Harris is a very good football player, I think he’s had an excellent career with the Jets. I would say David is a player we’d very much like to get back in the mix.”

“We do think Percy’s a very good player, but that is still a process that we’re working through right now. We want to talk to his agent.”

These are the typical answers I expected from Macca. I think this is due to lots of work being done addressing potential free agents and comparing them to what we could have or keep. Its all a money game right now.

What did worry me was when Mike addressed the Mo Wilkerson situation.

“We haven’t worked with Muhammad previously. I would definitely say Muhammad is a player we like, and we’ll just see how this process unfolds.”

This answer was very negative to me. I think he hasn’t addressed how much Mo means to the Jets. Maybe it was due to only recently arriving and limited contact being made and after all Mo’s never been ‘his guy’. Nevertheless, I will be very disappointed if they let Mo go.
The re-signing job should have been sorted by Rex and John months ago, but now Mo can no look upon similar players salaries in his position, find the top dollar and request it. I’ll outline I believe Mo has no intention of leaving the Jets, but now its in his interest to see what he means to the franchise as a whole. This is a serious cock up that will prove costly. Nice one John.

Active Free Agency:

“We will be very active in free agency. Now whether that’s with the high-dollar guys that tend to be the first-week or first-few-day guys, I think we’ll be potentially in that market. We have a lot of cap space, and our thing is going to be basically maximize the return on that cap space.”

A quote we we’re all waiting for. Again, it has been well documented that the Jets have lots of free cap space and lots of holes in our team, but it hasn’t always gone that way. Previously, with John Idzik at GM, he was known to hog that cap space and protect the wealth of the franchise. But that also came at a price. Losing. I do believe Mike will be active in FA and bring in the best possible players at the best possible prices.

Overall I was very pleased with their second presser together and it left the fans feeling at ease with those in control. It is certainly an exciting year for us; the Jets fans and the next few months could bring lots of great surprises. Bring it on!

“And the home of the Jets”

Who are we Harvin?

It’s just a fraction under a month till NFL’s free agency opens. This is when the whole league goes on a scramble for their favoured players and bargain deals. I recently witnessed my first ‘Black Friday’ in the US; I some how vision this FA process to not be all that dissimilar. The New York Jets, like plenty of the other teams will have their eyes pinned on their rosters and have their scouters and advisors working double time. A fate yet to be decided is none other than Mr Percy Harvin, but for good reason.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

As I’ve explained Percy came to Jets last season and made a fair splash on what was a terrible season for the green and white. He made modest yards on the field, which respectfully can be noted that he may have completed more if our QB situation wasn’t on the wrack, again. Coming into this new offseason, Percy’s position at East Rutherford currently remains an interesting one.

As it was rumoured Percy arrived in New York having left Seattle on bad terms. The Superbowl champions spoke of Percy causing bad atmospheres in the locker rooms and it wasn’t long before they decided to ring his dinner bell. New York took a sniff and decided we would be worth our 4th or 6th round pick. Now how can it be a 4th or 6th round pick? Allow me to explain.
Harvin was signed on a one-year contract; meaning now some time soon, his fate for next year has to be decided. If the Jets choose to give Percy another contract, it will mean Seattle will then receive the 4th round pick as Percy has resigned to the Jets. However, if we chose not to sign Percy, it would only mean handing over the 6th round pick for his services in 2014, and he takes the ‘punt’ at FA. The reason Harvin’s situation is interesting is because it does carry that clause, and in my eyes, he isn’t a straightforward cut for Maccagnan and Bowles.

Percy goes into 2015 boasting a salary of $10.5 million, a salary arguably too high for a player that didn’t reached the heights of other ‘first choice’ WRs. But what Harvin does carry which other top receivers don’t, is the ball, and he carries it well.

Percy Running Harvin is a great punt returner. Last season he returned for nearly 500 yards, 2 for over 40. The notion I’d like to bring to your attention is that we would need a top returner next season. As our first choice QB is about as close to being decided as my future in writing, so we need to consider chances for field advantage. Would we trust Geno having a better chance reaching the end zone from our own 40 (which some will still doubt) or forever handing him the ball at our own 20, and see him do the rest. Harvin does have more strings to his bow and with more receiving yards, a salary his suggested one may not seem too ridiculous.

What makes Harvin’s situation even more interesting is the time we have to make the decision. If the Jets do not resign Harvin by March 9th, he will then enter FA. But, it being March 9th, Harvin will enter a few days late. This gives the Jets a chance to see which other players have made free agency. They will have time to assess the possible prospects, like the potential WR elites of Thomas, Bryant, Cobb & Crabtree. What mustn’t be overlooked, is these players are likely to undergo lengthy discussions before even seeing a door. Also meaning if those discussions don’t go well, and they enter FA, all hell is likely to break loose. It may cause a host of teams to crawl to the player’s feet for a chance at seeing them rock their team’s colours. What that will give those fortunate players is leverage. Leverage to boast whatever contract they desire, and of course this being the NFL and the way it’s heading recently, some team will pay it.
Conversely, the leverage we have over Harvin, a player who wants to boast a similar salary, is that he wont be on the shop floor with those other players. They’ll have been snapped up much earlier, having in turn eaten deep into that team’s cap space, this is before Harvin can even pay his respects to the Jets before being cut. Bad luck.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers THOMAS

What I suggest the Jets do, and Harvin should listen, is try to negotiate his contract, but at a reduced rate. He may see some satisfaction in that he will have another year in the NFL, and what the Jets will then get is Percy at a cut price, saving the precious cap space. Naturally, this means losing the 4th round pick, but I see it as the cap space remaining healthy, to then rollover to more key players, and who knows, signing Harvin at a reduced rate may also leave room to sign another WR. Perhaps like the ones I’ve mentioned. Cheeky.

cheeky macca

With Harvin’s reduced rate we could keep a solid receiver/returner, but also sign another more outstanding, top 10 wide out as well. It’s a lot to ask with many factors at play, but I see it as an option, and if Percy still doesn’t work out, we have the benefit of having a player without any salary guarantees. If it doesn’t work out we can cut him.
Nevertheless, if no such negation can be made, I do agree that we should cut Harvin and use a similar salary else where. Show that the Jets mean business this year and give our mystery QB a serious weapon to play with. Well that’s my thoughts anyway.

“And the home of the Jets”

And the Jets select, Marcus Mariota

NFL Draft Football

The countless offseason articles about the Jets and what needs to be fixed in order to be successful has reached its peak. Whether it’s a story about the importance of resigning key players like Wilkerson, or if its looking into the many options available to us in free agency, I feel its still diverting away from the real issue at hand. This is, what we gunna do at QB?

I am or at least used to be a huge Geno Smith fan. Not long ago, I was a recent Jets fan when Sanchez or “Sanchize” as he is now known, was single handedly driving every fan to the bottle rather than to a Superbowl. So when his time was up and our fresh-faced rookie QB stepped in, I was excited. Lets see what the kids got I thought. That year, it didn’t work out too badly, ending 8-8. The new season came around, Sanchez was gone and we all knew Geno was our starter. He was later backed up by vet QB and mentor Michael Vick, which personally made me think we were in for a solid year. But we all know how that year went. Of course the season finished 4-12. A number still now etched into my brain. It may as well be my bank pin because at least those numbers I remember all be it unwillingly.


We come into the 2015 offseason finding ourselves in exactly the same position as before. Bleacher Report’s 2015 Mock draft sparked the discussion I have for you today. Nonetheless, who did they go and chose at number 6, this years Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota. Well done Todd McShay, way to throw a curve ball in the mix.


Bleacher Report sees Mariota coming to East Rutherford. Really? When I saw our late wins push the Jets down to the 6th overall pick, I thought that was that. All the best QBs would easily be gone by then. Well I say best, but analysts suggest Jameis Winston and Mariota are the only two worth having. Immediately, it looked as if Winston was the favoured QB and was then destined for Tampa Bay, leaving Mariota up for grabs.

If Mariota is free at number six, I personally think it’s a bad idea.

Selecting a QB that’s unproven in the NFL, and then coinciding it with our track record and obvious pressures to be successful, it’s not a safe enough option in my eyes. It will be a huge gamble on newly appointed Macca and Bowles. Both also barely through the front door and haven’t had time to gain any trust or deliver results yet. So putting the team’s future in the hands of Mariota is a huge risk no matter what way you wish to look at it. If Mariota is signed it means Geno is out the door, leaving Mariota’s little experience the only solution for glory. I foresee dark clouds over that story.

My suggestion is we stick with Geno at least of another season and sign another veteran QB. This will be Geno’s make or break for me. My reason for this is due to the recently appointed OC Chan Gailey. It’s known that he can work wonders with underperforming or underrated players, something Geno or another veteran free agent may respond well to. There are rumours that the Jets may look to the likes of Hoyer, Cutler or Glennon. Only naturally, they all bring many unenthusiastic seasons with them, but what they do have that Mariota wont, is vital NFL starter experience. A commodity hugely sought after as of late.

Additionally, other visionaries have foreseen the Jets possibly trading their 1st round pick in return for a QB. Perhaps the most exciting alleged rumour is the Eagles’ Chip Kelly’s publicized appreciation of the Hawaiian QB. Chip could trade down to the Jets’ 6th pick handing over Nick Foles in return.


Foles had a break out season in 2013 and perhaps a disappointing 2014 with injury. Either way I prefer this Geno and Vet option, but of course I and many other Jets fans have to wait for the powers that be to shine more light upon the subject.

But please Geno, just pull your finger out. We all saw what you did with Miami. More of that please.

“And the home of the Jets”

Mo Money Mo Problems

PatriotsWin So it was decided, the New England Patriots win Superbowl XLIX. Lets all start a mini round of applause. Yeah, or not. Pats, I still hate you. Although, I can happily say due to the many podcasts and blogs I’ve read, I feel I can finally come to terms with our arch-rivals winning the trophy. Maybe I can now move on. I do unquestionably feel reconciled and ready for another year as a Jets fan. But Dave, the new season is over six months away I hear you cry? Well fear not my peers, there’s loads of extremely exciting events to happen before preseason even begins and some might say none more exciting than this 2015 offseason for the New York Jets. We all are fully aware that our 2014 season was oh –so- painful. To then have our faces rubbed in the dirt by Patriots winning arguably one of the most entertaining Superbowls in the history of the game. Not to dwell, but we cant ignore the fact that they do have a franchise QB in Brady, and yes, he will go down as one of the greatest if not best QBs in history too. I’m not afraid to say it, it’s a fact and his 4 out of 6 possible rings show it. Nonetheless, I will say a 6th round pick returning those sort of results is just not fair!

Except of course, once more, the Jets’ 2014 season ended much sooner than our rivals and the fans knew this year drastic changes needed to be made. Soon after our 4-12 season came to its end, the New York Jets sparked a day that went onto be known as Black Monday. We said goodbye to Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik. Their time was up and though many Jets fans thought they would miss Rex Ryan, it wasn’t long before excitement arose towards hiring a new front office. rex n john Subsequently, the owner Woody Johnson with help from advisors (finally) went on to hire Mike Maccagnan, a Director of Scouting out of Houston as our new GM, then together the two signed Todd Bowles, the defensive coordinator from Arizona. Bowles was soon after crowned the Assistant Head coach of the year, a nice cherry to top that cake. Personally, these hirings excited me. In recent years the Jets have had little return from their lowest round draft picks. Trying not to seem jealous all over again, however, its easy to look over at group rivals New England and see what returns can be had from draft choices. For example Brady like I’ve mentioned and then Gronk coming from a late 2nd round pick. Both extreme contenders for being the best in the league within their respective positions. Irritating right?

So when Maccagnan was hired, I was excited to finally have a GM in house that thought with a scouting mind. Its well documented that Idzik visited the bank first and the locker room second. That notion was one that certainly didn’t fly with me. Football is a people’s game. Sure, you have to have somebody high up pulling on the purse strings, but that shouldn’t be the exact person in control of the talent the franchise choses to bring in. No, no, no. Maccagnan has a good mind and I have faith he will choose the best available guys for the job. Now following the Jets hiring of Todd Bowles, the media and social medias alike drew immediate comparisons from the Rex Ryan hire to Todd Bowles. The issue being, everyone believed that Rex had too much connection and love with his defensive strategies, rather than concentrating on the offence as well. Its obvious that scoring points will help you win games. But lately the game is notorious for not handing out the Ws to a team that solely can show off a rock solid defence. The offence needs to show up too. Something us Jets fans are all too aware of being a serious issue in the past few seasons. This will be Todd’s first whack at being a HC. Maybe that is too risky again, but I see a lot of fight in this guy and following the pair’s introductory presser, it left many reporters and fans stunned that there was nothing said for the whole NFL nation to laugh at. A product John and Rex were too accustomed to delivering on a regular basis. Mike and Todd spoke well and said all the right things. Hurrah! Good start.

New York Jets This 2015 offseason edges closer to its preliminary stages where a lot of work needs to be done to this Jets side, even before we can begin to think about the draft. This is the time for player resigning and the free agency market. Both these areas can prove what Mike and Todd have got, and I know there are areas in which they can make some serious brownie points with us, the fans, and most of all, getting some fast. This is my number one duty on Mike and Todd’s check list. That job is to resign Muhammad Wilkerson. Now resign sounds too tame for a guy of his abilities. What the Jets need to do is throw the bank at this man. In my eyes, he’s a 6”4, 315 pound legend, wrapped in green and white. It has to stay that way. It’s well documented that the New York Jets are going into this offseason with over $40 Million in cap space, which does carry it’s own arguments and discussions with how it’s best spent. But 40 mil is plenty of cap space to light this man’s Christmas’ for many years to come. Jets, pay the man!! Jets and the staff simply cannot let Wilkerson leave the building without a pen touching paper. Sod it Muhammad, keep the pen too, but you’re remaining green and white. Mo The other key defensive resign discussion moves over to the hitman, David Harris. My own personal opinion again, I love this guy. He managed a career milestone, reaching over 1000 tackles. Now for me, if a guy can hunt down that many hits, he’s worth holding on to. The issue is that he is 31 years old. I mentioned we have plenty of cap space available but this all depends on what sort of money Harris will ask for. I know he lit up under Rex Ryan’s defensive wings and now I can only picture what he might do with a breath of fresh air and Todd Bowles’ D strategies. Harris could prove to be a serious weapon in 2015. I say for the right buck we keep him. Sign him up for two maybe three years, but if his rate is too high and he wants to act baller I say, see ya Dave, go test free agency. Sadly the reality is, someone will pay his rates. Most likely Rex at the Bills and then we will have two games a season picking Harris shots out of our jerseys. But lets wait and see on that one. I find it hard to believe Bowles will let a player like Harris leave.

To move on to my final resign discussion, I leave it with ironically our most recent signing, Mr Percy Harvin. Harvin arrived soon after the start of season from a trade with the then, Superbowl champions. It’s not unheard of for the Jets to grab an ex Superbowl winning receiver, hello Tone Time (my first jersey actually) but this only cost the Jets a low round draft pick in 2015 draft. In my eyes, that was an absolute bargain. Stories did pop up about there being fights in the Seahawk’s camp but I personally chose to ignore them all, as I knew we needed a man with his skills and we were already 1-5 or worse. Unknown at the time, the rest of our season would pan out terribly anyway. Percy only managed just less than 500 yards at WR, but he did gain a further 600 from kick receiving and rushes. I feel he was vastly underused last season or they didn’t integrate him correctly. Either way, Harvin is a known weapon at WR and arguably a first choice wide out. A player we certainly didn’t have before hand. Some may have said Eric Decker is a first choice, and sure, he didn’t do too bad with 1000 yards in 2014, but he still has more to prove. Whichever way we look at it, we have a choice to keep Percy, but at what price? There is word out that he will cost 10 Mil plus a season. That is a lot of money, but once you’ve taken a look at the free agency market and accessed other choices, all the good options wont come at a budget cost. If we want to be a threat on offence next season, we need someone that will scare defenders. I think he can do that job. I say we keep Harvin. All these players will come at a high cost for the New York Jets and will eat into that free cap space, but you know what they say in new york, Mo Money Mo Problems. On to Free agency and draft, back to you Billy.

“And the home of the Jets”

And the home of the Jets!

So Jets Nation, I’ll start with brief introductions. I am writing from across the pond. Yes, the UK, London to be exact. And I am a Jets Fan.

Over the last few years I’ve started to bleed green, but don’t worry I’ve consulted my doctor about it. It turns out there’s no cure for loving football and its completely natural. I have actually found myself utterly infatuated with the game. Its taken over my life!

Now, usually guys like me in the UK love the sport being played with a round ball. And yes, don’t get me wrong, I love football/soccer, it’s like a necessity here. Social acceptance can sometimes ride on it. But me personally, I love FOOTBALL, NFL, and the New York Jets.

I’ve visited the US a few times, usually to Florida, Disneyworld. I know, so British right? But when over there I crossed paths with American football quite a few times. Sure, at first I had no idea what I was watching but I knew it was like nothing I’d seen before.

I remember a day vividly. I was watching a Dallas Cowboys game away to the Jets and I thought to myself, maybe if I supported a team, it would be easier to follow and I would learn the ropes faster. So I said to myself, I’ll support whichever team wins. And I know before you all say it, I know, not the greatest game to pick? A toss up between ‘America’s team’ and the New York Jets, hardly letting off any Superbowl fireworks anytime soon. But that was that.

It actually turned out to be a great game. Jets was chasing the score all game long. Eating Romo bullet passes. He had 300+ yards and Witten had far too many yards for so little receptions with one touchdown. But, in the 4th quarter, the game was flipped on its head. Jets scored 17 points and it finished with a 50 yard Folk field goal with 23 seconds on the clock, 27-24. Truly emotional scenes that day also combined with the day being an anniversary of September 11th. So that was it, Jets went 1-0 and I became another member of the Gang Green.

The year of 2011 was also the year our 1st round pick of the 2011 Draft went to Muhammad Wilkerson. Who is also one of my favourite players for obvious reasons. Mo went 30th pick overall, 30th! Thanks for passing on that one other NFL teams. Now 4 years on, what a player he has become. Il go on to talk more about Mo as this 2015 off-season could prove one to remember regarding this great leader.

But that’s me guys. That’s my story. I’m a New York Jets fan from the UK and proud. Roll on 2015!!

“And the home of the Jets!”