JetsLondon – Week 2 Takeaways

It has been a while since I’ve posted here, so now I shall try to reignite this humble blog with a few of my favourite takeaways from week 2 in the 2015 NFL season.

The Underdogs

Week 2 saw many of the teams that most had either already written off or likely put down for a loss in their game line bets, but suddenly they went to prove everybody wrong and prevail in dramatic fashions. In recent years, can you remember the last time the Bucs, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins and Browns all won their games within the same week? I couldn’t, till now. What this shows, whilst respectively being only two games in, is that you can’t write off any team in this league. Gutsy performances from Manziel and Winston didn’t go unnoticed and the Raiders choice to take Amari Cooper doesn’t look too bad either.

Cardinals flying again

This may be a somewhat bias takeaway due to Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald both being in my fantasy league team in week 2, but whilst being a good day at the office for me, it was also another outstanding one for the Cardinals. The duo may have a combined age of 67, but it doesn’t seem to be causing them any problems thus far. Palmer looks back to his best and everyone is wondering whether its possible those old knees can hold up? 4 touchdowns in only 185 yards certainly was impressive.

Disaster in Dallas

In week one Dallas saw recently well paid WR star, Dez Bryant have to leave the game early with a broken foot. With that being a potential lengthy absence even with the stud himself stating its day-to-day, matters were only made worst with another key pillar falling in QB Tony Romo (Broken collarbone). The length of Romo’s injury looks to be around the 8 weeks mark, making it another consecutive season with an injury for the franchise QB. Will Dallas look to backup QB Brandon Weedan to keep the Cowboys shooting, or will they look else where? I recall two fairly competent QBs leave East Rutherford recently(Matt Flynn and Josh Johnson), maybe they will get the call? Or maybe Dallas chose to rally up the Washington pen and pay a heavy ransom for a much lesser price bull? Who knows?

 Eagles clipping wings

Whilst Dallas struggling with injuries an old household favourite seems to also be struggling to take flight with his new team in Philly. Some may think Murray’s hurdle in week 2 may beg to differ this, although a stat recently revealed by ESPN shows that DeMarco Murray isn’t doing so well. Based on 21 rushing attempts Murray is 274 yards behind the mark he set last year in Dallas. Actually, 21 QBs have more rushing yards than DeMarco this season, one in fact being Tony Romo himself. Hopefully Philly and Chip Kelly can work this one out because last years offensive player of the year doesn’t seem best pleased and I quote: ” Give me the f****** ball”.


Brady: 466 Yards, 3 TDs. (754 Yards, 7 TDs)

In week 1 the AFC East was the only division to be 4-0 collectively, so when the Patriots were to face a pumped up Bills side it simply had to go one way or the other. Brady put on a real display against the Bills side that saw off the Colts. No matter how much we try to not think it, Tom Brady is the best at what he does. The Patriots secondary isnt in the best state and allowing a lot of yards and points, although Brady just heads back out there afterwards and turns it back in their favour. Unless he can be stopped personally, Patriots look to dominate this division once again and leave the rest in a frenzy to finish close by.


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