Who’s Petty Now?

After some great decisions in round 1-3, the New York Jets didn’t slow up going into the 4th. Maccagnan made an intelligent trade down in the 3rd to gain an OLB in Mauldin at 82nd overall, plus a WR and three extra picks from Houston. Therefore, the Jets went into the 4th with the 5th overall pick of the round and 5 remaining picks there after.

Maccagnan had already been making a strong name for himself. Selecting consistent BPA players, whilst also filling many needs at the franchise. It’s been a sure site to see for all Jets fans. As its known, we’ve been used to rather uninspiring drafts in the past. The Mauldin trade confirmed the Jets’ confidence to trade down and still succeed, but what hadn’t been seen yet was Maccagnan trading up to bag a target.

Macca war room

By the time the 102nd pick was selected it was Jacksonville up next. It was to be then Maccagnan would make his move. The Jets were only selecting one pick after, but Mike said after the selection, he heard his target was in high demand, so he pulled the trigger. The Jets would make a trade with Jacksonville for the 103rd pick overall. They chose to select Bryce Petty, QB from Baylor and send their 104th overall pick plus a 7th rounder at 229th overall to the Jags. From that moment Bryce Petty was officially a Jet. Going QB in the forth, Jets will see Petty join the current QB battle containing projected starter Geno Smith and contenders Ryan Fitzpatrick / Matt Simms.

Bryce 2

Bryce finally comes into the NFL at the age of 24 years old. He spent his final two years at Baylor as a college graduate, having waited for his turn behind Robert Griffin III and Nick Florence, gaining his spot in 2013. Last year Bryce was a contender for Big 12 player of the year, having recorded 3,855 yards, 29 TDs and only seven INTs.
Petty was subject to much media attention being considered a member of the 2nd tier QBs, that behind Winston and Mariota. He joined the hot competition competing with Hundley, Mannion & Grayson. Garrett Grayson was to be selected the 3rd QB overall by the Saints. No doubts a sit and learn role waiting for Brees to retire. This is a similar short-term future most analysts consider for most of this class. Petty I consider no exception.

2nd teir qbs - Petty

Maccagnan did not select Bryce to be starting Week 1. Coming from a Baylor spread offence he joins the list of players having to adapt to NFL pro style offences. A transition being considered close to a coins flip. Take our current QB Geno Smith for example. He came from a spread offence in West Virginia and two years into the Jets, he’s still got much to learn.
Geno is most likely the projected starter in 2015. Of course subject to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s challenges having played for Chan Gailey before. This almost certainly gives Bryce a year on the bench. But, if he’s smart, I’d suggest a year in the classrooms and playbooks too. A duty some have recently questioned Geno for and maybe a mistake causing his lack in progression.

Bryce running Either way, Bryce does show good upside. He has the size of a NFL QB. Not so big that he’s chained to the pocket, but enough to show a late penchant for a scramble. He was complemented for his leadership at Baylor and that would be no bad thing for a QB going pro. What I like most is his arm strength and deep ball accuracy. Having been drafted beside a new deep threat talent, perhaps Petty and Devin Smith can have a lot of fun in years to come. Hopefully resulting in countless yards and TDs. Fingers crossed.
So to conclude, taking Petty any earlier and I may have questioned this selection, but taking him in the 4th could be considered a steal. Lets see how his transition develops and lets hope for the best. If Geno can’t reach the bar, maybe we have a potential franchise QB in Petty. After all, stranger things have happened.


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