Jets arrive in Indy

Last night Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles addressed the media on the eve of the 2015 NFL Combine. Previously, Jets Fans would always be nervous when Rex and John would take the podium. Quite frankly, it was impossible to predict what would come out of their mouths. Whether it was promising the Superbowl or quick one-liners that would amuse the reporters, then soon after leave them with doubts about our coaches abilities. However, last night’s presser captivated us yet again. Just like in Mike and Todd’s opening presser, they left us the fans feeling very comfortable within their capabilities and professionalism. It was refreshing to say the least.

I would like to pick out a few things from the presser that I enjoyed most. Besides, there were more positives to pick from last night than our whole secondary picked off last season. I feel that says all we need to know.

bowles combine

I will start with our new head coach Todd Bowles. He undoubtedly had the most enlightening presser of the two. My twitter was going insane with all the positive things he was saying.

Addressing immediate turnover issue:

“We want to get better at the corner issues. We want to solidify and have less turnovers at the quarterback position.”

It only took Bowles 01:01 Mins with the cameras rolling to address that the Jets need to get the ball over more and gift less turnovers to the opposing team. The Jets finished last season with a turnover ratio of -11. What team do you know that wins games when they turn the ball over that often? It just doesn’t happen and Todd obviously addressed that first. He wants to win.

Geno Smith:

“Geno has a good arm, he’s a good athlete and he can throw the ball and make all the throws. Without seeing the intangibles and not being able to talk to him personally”

We all know the media and even myself have talked a lot about Geno Smith. Him coming into his 3rd season and what he might bring to the Jets this time. Todd was very quiet on Geno at the opening presser and continued to be. He knows the guy has some strengths but I feel he was very vague in his response, as he knows the position is uncertain. Smart guy.
Todd is not invested with Geno and he’ll see what the guy’s got and decide whether it is best for his team going forward.

Balanced Offence:

“We’re gunna run it and throw it. We’re gunna be very balanced”

I was pleased to hear that Bowles wanted a more balanced offence. Last year, we can safely say we had more of a running game than anything else. This can vastly be due to fact that our passing game wasn’t working. Whether it was to do with Geno being a bad QB or bad calls from the then OC Marty Mornhinweg, we simply couldn’t hold on to the ball.
When questioned again about turnovers Bowles said:
“You can’t win games turning the ball over, every QB in the league going forward has got to be able to protect the football. Geno included”
Todd is confident he can establish a passing game with the Jets, and will do whatever it takes to make sure it does. Beware Geno, Todd’s on the warpath. Time to pull your finger out!

Why he like Kacy Rodges & Chan Gailey:

“I’ve been with Kacy for seven years in Dallas and Miami. I’ve watched him grow. We kind of saw things the same way defensively, schematically we see things eye to eye.”

“He can get the most out of his players. Everybody respects him. He can get it yelling, he can get it talking to a person, he’s very sharp in understanding what he has. He’s well-balanced offensively running the ball and passing the ball.”

As we all know Bowles was another defensively minded HC. My main worry was the two clashing and Bowles taking his eye off the full picture. So I was happy when I heard him outlining that Rodgers and him think alike. My worry was then at ease.
It was recognized why Chan Gailey was brought in and the immediate strengths he could bring to East Rutherford. We needed a coach that the players will respect and one experienced in progressing ‘underachieving’ players. Chan is a good fit and Todd clearly respects him and knows he’s an asset.

Superbowl champions Patriots rivalry:

“I don’t think it means anything to us right now. Right now we’re trying to become the New York Jets, and we’re trying to become a winning ballclub, so we’re going to concentrate on us.”

“Beating the Patriots is not going to cut it if you lose to everybody else”

We all know the NFC East has been dominated by New England. We battle it out and then with rest of the league, whilst simultaneously, twice a year, acting as Bill Belichick’s personal punch bag.
I liked that fact that Bowles outlines that there is plenty more games to win in a season and although wining group games is important, simply winning as many as you can is also.

Mike Maccagnan

Mike Maccagnan opened up his presser answering immediate questions on the future of our guys nearly FA.

Wilkerson, Harris, Harvin:

“We think David Harris is a very good football player, I think he’s had an excellent career with the Jets. I would say David is a player we’d very much like to get back in the mix.”

“We do think Percy’s a very good player, but that is still a process that we’re working through right now. We want to talk to his agent.”

These are the typical answers I expected from Macca. I think this is due to lots of work being done addressing potential free agents and comparing them to what we could have or keep. Its all a money game right now.

What did worry me was when Mike addressed the Mo Wilkerson situation.

“We haven’t worked with Muhammad previously. I would definitely say Muhammad is a player we like, and we’ll just see how this process unfolds.”

This answer was very negative to me. I think he hasn’t addressed how much Mo means to the Jets. Maybe it was due to only recently arriving and limited contact being made and after all Mo’s never been ‘his guy’. Nevertheless, I will be very disappointed if they let Mo go.
The re-signing job should have been sorted by Rex and John months ago, but now Mo can no look upon similar players salaries in his position, find the top dollar and request it. I’ll outline I believe Mo has no intention of leaving the Jets, but now its in his interest to see what he means to the franchise as a whole. This is a serious cock up that will prove costly. Nice one John.

Active Free Agency:

“We will be very active in free agency. Now whether that’s with the high-dollar guys that tend to be the first-week or first-few-day guys, I think we’ll be potentially in that market. We have a lot of cap space, and our thing is going to be basically maximize the return on that cap space.”

A quote we we’re all waiting for. Again, it has been well documented that the Jets have lots of free cap space and lots of holes in our team, but it hasn’t always gone that way. Previously, with John Idzik at GM, he was known to hog that cap space and protect the wealth of the franchise. But that also came at a price. Losing. I do believe Mike will be active in FA and bring in the best possible players at the best possible prices.

Overall I was very pleased with their second presser together and it left the fans feeling at ease with those in control. It is certainly an exciting year for us; the Jets fans and the next few months could bring lots of great surprises. Bring it on!

“And the home of the Jets”


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