And the Jets select, Marcus Mariota

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The countless offseason articles about the Jets and what needs to be fixed in order to be successful has reached its peak. Whether it’s a story about the importance of resigning key players like Wilkerson, or if its looking into the many options available to us in free agency, I feel its still diverting away from the real issue at hand. This is, what we gunna do at QB?

I am or at least used to be a huge Geno Smith fan. Not long ago, I was a recent Jets fan when Sanchez or “Sanchize” as he is now known, was single handedly driving every fan to the bottle rather than to a Superbowl. So when his time was up and our fresh-faced rookie QB stepped in, I was excited. Lets see what the kids got I thought. That year, it didn’t work out too badly, ending 8-8. The new season came around, Sanchez was gone and we all knew Geno was our starter. He was later backed up by vet QB and mentor Michael Vick, which personally made me think we were in for a solid year. But we all know how that year went. Of course the season finished 4-12. A number still now etched into my brain. It may as well be my bank pin because at least those numbers I remember all be it unwillingly.


We come into the 2015 offseason finding ourselves in exactly the same position as before. Bleacher Report’s 2015 Mock draft sparked the discussion I have for you today. Nonetheless, who did they go and chose at number 6, this years Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota. Well done Todd McShay, way to throw a curve ball in the mix.


Bleacher Report sees Mariota coming to East Rutherford. Really? When I saw our late wins push the Jets down to the 6th overall pick, I thought that was that. All the best QBs would easily be gone by then. Well I say best, but analysts suggest Jameis Winston and Mariota are the only two worth having. Immediately, it looked as if Winston was the favoured QB and was then destined for Tampa Bay, leaving Mariota up for grabs.

If Mariota is free at number six, I personally think it’s a bad idea.

Selecting a QB that’s unproven in the NFL, and then coinciding it with our track record and obvious pressures to be successful, it’s not a safe enough option in my eyes. It will be a huge gamble on newly appointed Macca and Bowles. Both also barely through the front door and haven’t had time to gain any trust or deliver results yet. So putting the team’s future in the hands of Mariota is a huge risk no matter what way you wish to look at it. If Mariota is signed it means Geno is out the door, leaving Mariota’s little experience the only solution for glory. I foresee dark clouds over that story.

My suggestion is we stick with Geno at least of another season and sign another veteran QB. This will be Geno’s make or break for me. My reason for this is due to the recently appointed OC Chan Gailey. It’s known that he can work wonders with underperforming or underrated players, something Geno or another veteran free agent may respond well to. There are rumours that the Jets may look to the likes of Hoyer, Cutler or Glennon. Only naturally, they all bring many unenthusiastic seasons with them, but what they do have that Mariota wont, is vital NFL starter experience. A commodity hugely sought after as of late.

Additionally, other visionaries have foreseen the Jets possibly trading their 1st round pick in return for a QB. Perhaps the most exciting alleged rumour is the Eagles’ Chip Kelly’s publicized appreciation of the Hawaiian QB. Chip could trade down to the Jets’ 6th pick handing over Nick Foles in return.


Foles had a break out season in 2013 and perhaps a disappointing 2014 with injury. Either way I prefer this Geno and Vet option, but of course I and many other Jets fans have to wait for the powers that be to shine more light upon the subject.

But please Geno, just pull your finger out. We all saw what you did with Miami. More of that please.

“And the home of the Jets”


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