And the home of the Jets!

So Jets Nation, I’ll start with brief introductions. I am writing from across the pond. Yes, the UK, London to be exact. And I am a Jets Fan.

Over the last few years I’ve started to bleed green, but don’t worry I’ve consulted my doctor about it. It turns out there’s no cure for loving football and its completely natural. I have actually found myself utterly infatuated with the game. Its taken over my life!

Now, usually guys like me in the UK love the sport being played with a round ball. And yes, don’t get me wrong, I love football/soccer, it’s like a necessity here. Social acceptance can sometimes ride on it. But me personally, I love FOOTBALL, NFL, and the New York Jets.

I’ve visited the US a few times, usually to Florida, Disneyworld. I know, so British right? But when over there I crossed paths with American football quite a few times. Sure, at first I had no idea what I was watching but I knew it was like nothing I’d seen before.

I remember a day vividly. I was watching a Dallas Cowboys game away to the Jets and I thought to myself, maybe if I supported a team, it would be easier to follow and I would learn the ropes faster. So I said to myself, I’ll support whichever team wins. And I know before you all say it, I know, not the greatest game to pick? A toss up between ‘America’s team’ and the New York Jets, hardly letting off any Superbowl fireworks anytime soon. But that was that.

It actually turned out to be a great game. Jets was chasing the score all game long. Eating Romo bullet passes. He had 300+ yards and Witten had far too many yards for so little receptions with one touchdown. But, in the 4th quarter, the game was flipped on its head. Jets scored 17 points and it finished with a 50 yard Folk field goal with 23 seconds on the clock, 27-24. Truly emotional scenes that day also combined with the day being an anniversary of September 11th. So that was it, Jets went 1-0 and I became another member of the Gang Green.

The year of 2011 was also the year our 1st round pick of the 2011 Draft went to Muhammad Wilkerson. Who is also one of my favourite players for obvious reasons. Mo went 30th pick overall, 30th! Thanks for passing on that one other NFL teams. Now 4 years on, what a player he has become. Il go on to talk more about Mo as this 2015 off-season could prove one to remember regarding this great leader.

But that’s me guys. That’s my story. I’m a New York Jets fan from the UK and proud. Roll on 2015!!

“And the home of the Jets!”


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